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Senecio String of Pearls

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The Senecio 'String of Pearls' has a creeping/trailing habit making it perfect for hanging containers. Quite often grown indoors this delightful Senecio bears small white, trumpet-shaped, spicy scented flowers which appear in autumn and last about 4 weeks. The leaf shape is a natural adaption in order to minimize moisture loss in dryer times. 'String of Pearls' prefers a moist, well-drained, compost-rich soil but allow it to dry out between waterings. Also reduce watering during the colder months. Despite its delicate appearance, this unusual succulent house plant is a vigorous grower, quickly creeping across the surface of the pot, then cascading down the side. Trim if they reach the ground or lift and drape back into the pot to thicken pot growth. Best in semi or full-shaded positions, but will tolerate full sun. Ideal in patios, shaded areas under trees and greenhouses. Re-pot every 3 years or so to create growing space and maintain the happiness of your 'String of Pearls'. Feed occasionally with a half strength liquid fertilizer. It is advisable to keep out of reach from children and pets.

Common Name String of Pearls
Plant Type Ground Cover / Outdoor / Perennial / Succulent
Dimensions 300cm high (long)
Sunlight Full Sun / Part Sun / Shade
Evergreen Yes
Flower Colour White
Foliage Colour Green
Botanical Genus Senecio
Botanical Species rowleyanus
Height 300 cm