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Peperomia Blue Watermelon

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My origins and family: Northern South America such as Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador
and Venezuela.

Looking Good! I'm not your normal looking watermelon, I have hints of blue with silver fleshy foliage.  Most people do a double-take due to my stunning looks. I can grow up to 30cm in height and width.

I thrive best when...
Outdoors: Part shade or under your patio, but in a bright lit area
Indoors: Bright indirect sunlight is best
Likes: Drying out between watering.
Dislikes: Too much water, as this can result in root rot.
Ideas: I'm a cute compact houseplant that needs to be admired. Keep me in a pot by myself, or grouped together with other plants, where I can show off my unique looking foliage.

Pot Size: 120mm