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Monstera adansonii Swiss Cheese Vine 14cm

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The highly popular Monstera 'Adansonii - 'Swiss Cheese Vine' is a very versatile little plant that will grow happily in many different situations. The magnificent foliage is a rich emerald-green and full of fenestrations (natural holes), which earn the plant it's nickname. 'Swiss Cheese' has a fantastic trailing habit that will just keep on growing, making it ideal for placing on shelves or wall alcoves as well as hanging baskets. The 'Swiss Cheese Vine' will also grow up a totem pole or trellis as they love to climb. Misting regularly will encourage the climbing habit, which in turn will reward you with larger leaves. This delightful climber is ideal indoors and is easy to care for. Preferring medium-bright indirect sunlight and moderate watering. Using a mild fertilizer during the warmer months will maintain the lush jungle effect. Plant in well-draining peat based soil or potting mix and water regularly although some dry spells can be tolerated.
Common Name Swiss Cheese Vine
Plant Type Climber / Evergreen / Indoor Foliage / Perennial
In highlights list Yes
Range Giving Living Indoor Plants
Dimensions 10-20m high and wide
Sunlight Part Sun / Shade
Evergreen Yes
Foliage Colour Green
Botanical Genus Monstera
Botanical Species adansonii
Flower Type Bracts
Foliage Type Lobed - Deeply Indented Margins
Width 2000 cm
Height 2000 cm