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Echeveria Perle von Nuremberg Tray Mexican Hen and Chicks

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Perle Von Nuremburg is a well known and popular Echeveria hybrid succulent forming a mostly solitary rosette of metalic, dusty, mid pink leaves. Although grown for its stunning foliage Pearl Von Nuremburg does produce a stem of flowers in summer. Echeverias are an ideal plant for containers, borders and rockeries, preferring a mostly sunny position in well draining soils with protection from frost. Trim spent flowers and dead foliage, this will keep your plant happy and healthy. Although drought tolerant and water wise, regular watering over the dryer periods will promote better growth. Protect from Frost. Echeveria Pearl Von Nurenburg grows to a height of 15cm by 30cm wide.
Common Name Mexican Hen and Chicks
Plant Type Evergreen / Outdoor / Perennial / Seedling / Shrub / Succulent
Range Hang Abouts - Succulents
Dimensions 15cm high x 30cm wide
Sunlight Full Sun
Evergreen Yes
Flower Colour Peach
Foliage Colour Blue / Grey / Pink / Red / Silver
Flowering Season Spring / Summer
Botanical Genus Echeveria
Botanical Species x hybrida
Flower Type Tubular - The Corolla Forms A Tube
Foliage Type Rosette Of Thickened Fleshy Leaves
Width 30 cm
Height 15 cm