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Delosperma lemannii Ice Plant, Chain Plant

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This popular, compact 'soft' succulent plant has grey-green fat 'angular' leaves and bares yellow daisy-like blooms in spring. It is a densely leafy perennial plant forming cushion with a tap-root and some additional adventitious roots on sprawling, prostrate stems. Delosperma lehmannii will grow and thrive in most conditions. It does not require any special soil, almost anything will do, although it will thrive in rich, well-draining soil. It is also drought and salt-tolerant. Excellent in succulent mix bowls as a decorative feature almost anywhere in your home. Ideal in cactus gardens, containers, wall pots, hanging baskets & 'green walls'. Water occasionally and less in winter.

Common Name Ice Plant, Chain Plant
Plant Type Coastal / Evergreen / Ground Cover / Perennial / Succulent
Range Hang Abouts - Succulents
Dimensions 20cm high x 100cm wide
Sunlight Full Sun / Part Sun
Evergreen Yes
Flower Colour Yellow
Foliage Colour Green
Flowering Season Spring / Summer
Botanical Genus Corpuscularia syn. Delosperma
Botanical Species lehmannii
Flower Type Cyme
Width 100 cm
Height 20 cm