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Begonia maculata Polka Dot Begonia 17cm pot

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Begonia Maculata is an excellent, exotic looking houseplant and shade house plant easy to grow and maintain. The green leaves are undercoated with burgundy red, with the top of the leaves covered in silver spots. By mid to late winter a show of dramatic, miniature, very pale pink, pendant blooms. Can tolerate low light as long as you adjust the watering. Keep moist but not wet, a little on the dry side is better. This Begonia loves humidity! Best in bright indirect light, higher light levels will promote strong growth and blooms, avoid direct sun. Use a regular houseplant fertiliser but dilute it to less than half strength. It's best to prune at least twice a year to maintain compact growth. Begonia Maculata will grow to a height of 1.2-1.5m and a width of 60-90cm.

Common Name Polka Dot Begonia
Plant Type Indoor Foliage
In highlights list Yes
Dimensions 150cm high x 90cm wide
Sunlight Shade
Flower Colour Pale Pink / White
Foliage Colour Green / Red / Silver
Flowering Season Spring / Winter
Botanical Genus Begonia
Botanical Species maculata
Flower Type Papilionaceous - Resembles A Butterfly, Characteristic Of Most Plants Of The Pea Family
Foliage Type Spatulate - Spoon-shaped
Width 90 cm
Height 150 cm